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Designer VESTS

The Cuckoos Nest Designer Vests with graphic print
Origin of the Vest
Designer Vest manufacturing process
Designer Vests - A Summer essential
Using a combination of bold photographic prints and dazzling graphic designs, The Cuckoo’s Nest ensures that our trend setting designer vests really stand out from the crowd. Our hand-illustrated, quirky graphical features make The Cuckoo’s Nest stand out amongst other low cut vest designers. From the rough beginning sketches through to the manufacturing process and ultimate finished product, our designer vests are a key trend this SS, so make sure you get yours from our online store.
Using a technique called jersey stitch knitting, The Cuckoo’s Nest 100% cotton graphic vests are able to achieve a noticeable soft texture, that’s indulgent to the skin. All of our designer vests are made with care and attention to ensure you are receiving the best quality in graphic vests available.

Each of our unique, hand-illustrated graphic designs is screen printed onto our low cut vests, allowing for durability and high contrast colours. Using this process ensures that the quality of our graphic vests are not compromised and the designs are seen exactly as they were visualised by our talented designer.
Graphic vests are set to be a key-trend this summer, with festival fashion all over the quirky and blasé look achieved from a low cut vest. Designer vests are a great way to achieve a laid back look without compromising on an eye-catching statement. Graphic vests are a great accompanying item to any summer look, whether being teamed with a shirt for a layered look or worn simply on their own. 

The Cuckoo’s Nest Designer Vests are perfect for all those who love our stunning graphic designs and aren’t afraid to make a statement.
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Here at The Cuckoo’s Nest, our bespoke range of graphic vests are created to evoke a unique and eye-catching trend.

Ever since Charles II announced that he would be introducing a new male fashion in 1666, the wholesome vest has undertaken a massive fashion and cultural overhaul. Starting off as a simple undergarment, vests are now a 21st century fashion commodity. Whether worn under a shirt or jacket or as an outer garment on its own, vests are now a vital part of today’s fashion trends. Known in Australia as singlets, vests now come in a range of styles and befit many different purposes such as; fashion vests, undergarments, protective vests (bulletproof) and sports vests. 

At The Cuckoo’s Nest we strive to provide you with bespoke, designer vests that feature unique and complex graphical designs. Each of our designer vests is constructed of 100% cotton with dropped armholes and a stunning, hand-illustrated design to the front.
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