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Designer T-Shirts

Designer T-Shirts
Designer T-Shirt Manufacturing Process
Designer T-Shirt History
Designer T-Shirts - Our Range
Designer T-shirts are the staple diet of any fashion conscious individual. The designer t-shirt was conceived from a short sleeved, collarless cotton shirt that was worn as an undergarment in the early 1900's. At-shirt is typically made up of cotton fibres knitted together. T-shirts originally became popular in the United States when they were produced for the U.S. Navy during the Spanish American War. They were a crew necked, short sleeved, white cotton under shirt worn beneath the crews uniform. It was common for sailors and Marines working in warm tropical conditions to remove their uniform jackets and wear only their under shirt or t-shirt as it later became known.
To manufacture a Cuckoos Nest designer t-shirt our factories use a technique called a jersey stitch knitting. This method of manufacturing our fabrics gives our stunning designer T-shirts a noticable soft texture that when worn, feels luxurious and comfortable to the skin. A designer T-shirt will come in many different designs for both sexes but increasingly at Cuckoos Nest we are producing designer T-shirts with the youths and teens market in mind. The T-shirt has is today the shirt of choice for fashion conscious youngster. Our designs are cool, daring and a fantastic quality garment that is easy to look after.

Designer t-shirts are often screen printed which allows for durability and great colours. Cuckoos Nest produces a fine quality garment then our factory screen prints the design to the garment and adds detailing as specified by the designer.  Our design T-shirts often feature innovative detailing not seen on other brands.

Many other forms of decoration are used on today's designer T-shirt methods such as airbrushing, adding applique or embroidery, flocking or embossing. Another popular cheap form of creating a unique designer t-shirt is to use a Laser printer by using a special toner containing sublimation dyes, these are then permanently heat transferred on to T-shirt.
In the 50’s, a movie star named Marlon Brando wore one in his film A Streetcar Named Desire. This propelled designer T-shirts to its status as a fashionable, ready to wear item of clothing you can wear every day. In the late 60's artists relaised the potential for designer t-shirts and started producing increasingly original designs, a trend that Cuckoos Nest has carried forward to today with a contemporary twist. 
Our range is designed and manufactured over a six to twelve month period by some of fashions hottest designers and our team is setting trends that other brands follow. Cuckoos Nest also produce a fine range of other garments such as designer hoodies and we are extending our range all the time.

The designer T-shirt is here to stay and have become ever more popular. The designer T-shirt is evident and visible in every form of daily life and as uniform rules have relaxed designer T-shirts are commonly seen at places of work.
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The Cuckoos Nest Clothing brand is one of the leading designers of graphic T-shirts in the UK and Europe. Our designs are worn by celebrities and style icons.

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